Staying Awake in The City That Never Sleeps....

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Reason to Celebrate?

In New York, there is always a reason to party, or at least meet for a drink.

A person moving in or out of New York is often regarded with a sense of celebration.

We've all received invites to "Come party with me on my last night in town!" or "Help me Welcome my friend to NYC". I even threw a "Five Year NYC Anniversary" party with Kenzie, Annie and Emilie a while back.

With the constant stream of people moving in and out of New York City, I shouldn't be surprised that people move in and out of my life in the same way.

Would it be odd for me to start celebrating transitioning relationships?

Could I send out an email saying:

"I met a really great guy last weekend and he just called, lets celebrate!"


"Its been two years since I cut off that destructive relationship... join me for drinks!"

Would that be odd?

Monday, February 18, 2008

Bookstores and Baby Powder

Sometimes, something as simple as a trip to the local bookstore can become an adventure, like one Saturday night when we dropped into Barnes & Noble to kill time before a movie.

As we rode the bookstore Escalators to the top floor, we were greeted by floating particles in the air and the distinct smell of urine.

We got in line and saw a manager in the corner with a woman who was speaking loudly as he glanced around nervously.

She had big curly salt and pepper hair, a tattered leather jacket and even though it was well after 9pm, she wore huge sunglasses over her sunken eyes. She held a small bottle of baby powder in the air.

"Ma'am, I'm going to ask you to leave" the manager said quietly.

"DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!?!?" she asked wildly.

The manager stared at her blankly.

"DO YOU??"

"Ma'am I--"

She began to emphasize her words by whipping the bottle of baby powder, around as she spoke.

"I'm with the F-B-I!!!" she exclaimed.

The F! (powder) B! (powder) I! (powder)

By the end of the sentence, the manager was dusted with a fresh layer of baby powder. He sputtered and coughed a little, then he just walked away.

I couldn't believe I had paid 10 bucks for a movie, just to get a show at B&N for free.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day New York... I heart You!

It was a bitter winter evening when my friend Jay and I boarded the #1 train.

As we sat down, we immediately took notice of a group of Spanish speaking tourists who were in a jovial mood that transcended any language barriers.

As our train barreled uptown, they laughed and told jokes in Spanish. Their laughter was so contagious that we couldn't help but laugh too. Then out of the blue, one of the guys broke into a rendition of the song "La Bamba".

At that exact moment the train pulled into the station, the doors opened and a man entered carrying a guitar. He saw the tourist, who he did not know, singing and offered the guitar to him.

The tourist grabbed the guitar began to play and soon the entire train was singing "La Bamba" at the top of their lungs.

One of the other tourists whipped out her camera and began to film. She told us that she would post the video on YouTube and title it "1 train uptown".

A few months later I randomly did a search and there it was!

Unfortunately there is no sound, but one of my favorite New York Moments was captured and I can't help but share it with you.

I Heart NY.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Jump in, Jump out, Turn yourself about

When I was younger we sang a song that went:

"Jump in! Jump out! Turn yourself about! Jump in! Jump Out! Introduce yourself!!"

We would stand in a circle jumping in and out, then we'd take turns introducing ourselves and our plans for the future:

"My name is CeCe (yeah!) and I'm gonna be a model (uh huh!) for the rest of my life (for the rest of her life!)"

"Hey! Jump in! Jump Out! Turn Yourself about!...."

Sometimes it seems like the week before Valentines Day turns into a huge game of "Jump in! Jump out!"

Jump In:
The week before Valentines Day gives some of us the urge to jump into a relationship. I've watched my friend Steven research every spa, restaurant and diamond pendant for a girl he thought he was breaking things off with two weeks ago.

Jump Out:
Then there are the people who choose this time of year to decide they dont want to be in a relationship. My friend Kenzie has to deal with the anxiety that comes from her boyfriend choosing the week of Valentines Day to break-up with her last year. They got back together soon after, but the damage is definitely done.

Yesterday afternoon (two days before V-Day) my friend Ayanna sent me an email about the great lunch date she had with the new guy she's been seeing. She even mentioned that she could see herself falling for him, only to text me that evening saying she was "done with him".

Turn Yourself About:
There are also the singles who spend this week running in circles trying to find a date for February 14th. This week I've gotten emails and a phone call from guys I dated in the past and havent heard from in a long time. I didn't bother replying to the emails, but I indulged the phone conversation which eventually turned to my Valentines Day plans.

A quick scan of the always entertaining Craigslist personals also proved that a Valentines Day date is a top goal for many New York Singles.

As for me, I'm not sure where I stand. In the back of my mind I thought that maybe Crick would come through and make some much needed plans with me, but he didn't and I'm okay with that. I could have taken the bait and had a V-Day date with a past beau just for the sake of having one, but I know it wouldn't have meant anything.

I think what's more important to me is the introduction part of the game. I just look forward to the day I can Jump in, introduce myself and confidently add "for the rest of my life" at the end.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Brief Note On... Leggings

I always thought that:

1.) Tights are not pants, they should not be worn with short tops.

Most of the time you can still see through them to a degree, so they are best paired with a dress or mini... not a T-shirt.

Last fall I was shopping for shoes and the girl who was helping me had on tights with a t shirt, I could see her underwear right through... it was very awkward.

2.) Leggings are technically pants but probably should not be worn with short tops either.

The legging style is great, but the top you wear should cover your derriere. This morning, I saw a girl on 8th avenue with holes in her leggings right on the bum! If she had on a long sweater (perhaps cinced at the waist with a belt) this could have been avoided.

As my friend Emilie pointed out to me, short tops with leggings are okay if you are under the age of five. I will agree with that.

So, to all women over the age of five, lets do our best not to abuse these leggings trends.

"I never should have stood up"

It was a sunny Saturday, I had just finished buying the cutest pair of sunglasses when my friend Brad called to ask if I wanted to meet him for lunch on the Upper West Side. I said "sure" and made my way to the M104 bus, that goes up and down Broadway.

I got on the bus and slipped into a two person bench. At the next stop a woman boarded and plopped down next to me.

She wore those huge black glasses that people wear over their regular glasses when they drive, and she smelled kind of like chicken.

We made our way uptown and as we got close to my stop I turned to her and said "I'll be getting off at the next stop".

"OKAY OKAY" she said loudly and immediately stood up.

"Ma'am, you don’t have to get up yet" I said.

"No, No!"

We rode two blocks with her standing in the middle of the aisle not holding on to the rails.

As we crossed the intersection to my stop, a car made an illegal turn in front of the bus and the driver suddenly slammed on his breaks but it was too late, the bus slammed into the rear bumper of the car.

The woman who was not holding on to anything pitched forward and rolled down the aisle of the bus, landing in between the driver and the bus doors.

There was a chorus of "Oh My God" "Are you okay?" "Don’t Move!" "Call 911!" etc.

She went to stand up, but people told her not to, so the woman just laid on her back, occasionally lifting her head to look around.

My phone rang, it was Brad "Girl, that better not be your bus!" he said. He was across the street watching the drama from the restaurant window.

"It is!" I hissed into the phone "I don’t know if we can get off, lemme call you back"

After about 10 minutes on his walkie talkie, the bus driver opened the doors and people began to step over the woman and exit the bus.

As I exited the bus I looked at her hesitantly.

"Will you be okay?" I asked.

Then she raised her head, lifted her big glasses from her face and mumbled

"I never should have stood up... I never should have stood up...."

She continued mumbling and shaking her head as she laid it back down.

Monday, February 11, 2008

"This Place is Dead"

This weekend I was invited by my friend Rachel to a birthday party for a male friend of hers at a lounge in Tribeca.

By midnight a crowd was streaming in, the DJ was spinning and people were dancing. After apple martinis compliments of a photographer I had been dancing and chatting with, I excused myself so I could track Rachel down.

I saw her sitting on the other side of the bar laughing with the birthday boy as he held a bottle of champagne.

I walked up as Rachel said "C'mon, lets dance".

"Okay" he said as someone waved him over "actually, game a sec, I'll be right back..." he trailed off as he made his way across the dance floor.

We stood there talking for a while when Rachel grabbed my hand. "C'mon lets see who's here" she said.

We pushed our way through the crowded dance floor and bumped into my photographer, he had another guy with him.

"Do you girls wanna dance?" the photographer asked as his friend eyed Rachel approvingly. I turned to Rachel who eyeballed the photographers friend, said "No, thanks" and yanked me past them. I turned to give my photographer an apologetic shrug.

We weaved through the clusters of people near the bar, a few guys tried to get Rachel’s attention by touching her arm, but she just kept walking.

As we made our way back towards the dance floor, I turned to ask her a question but she was focused on something. I followed her gaze to one of the plush couches where the birthday boy sat with two girls, one of them was chugging from the champagne bottle.

"Do you want a drink?" I asked.

"No," she replied. "Lets go, this place is dead"